Monday, July 17, 2006

Naysayers, skeptics, cynics, nihilists, pessimists, doom-mongers and grumpy old men abound.....on the other hand, a growing cadre of humanity has rejected the gloom and doom of the morose mob. Life is an opportunity to explore, discover, savor, enjoy, muse over and experience the bounty of the Cosmos....There is so much to learn, so much to facilitate our understanding of the meaning of life. Why is it that when we see a spectacular sunset we are filled with an awe that transcends reason, logic and understanding? What is it in that sunset that strips away the buffer that separates us from our True Self? The Cosmos is a living entity, the characteristics of which are such that they do not fit in any of the boxes we have constructed, hence we must construct a new box for it. We are blessed with free thought with which we can pierce the veil of ignorance and establish a rapport with the Living Cosmos. Through a coordinated approach of meditation, cleansing of the self, and a realization that we have a purpose, that the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars and galaxies form a natural Web of Cognitive Energy, each of us can tap into this web and begin the process of remembering our true status, an integral part of the web, a Cosmic Player, an agent of Celestial Consciousness.

Too many people are hoodwinked by the allure of banality and sink into the abyss of mundane pursuits, chasing after things, grasping for the very material wealth that enslaves us and drains our energy and leaves us bereft of spirituality. A new car is only new for one year, new clothes go out of fashion overnight, every ephemeral phenomenon we struggle and scratch for fades away right before our eyes...relationships, jobs, homes, interests, all come and go. Only our relationship with the eternal Cosmos and our evolving into spiritual beings is worth our devotion. As a spiritual being we see things differently, we have different expectations, our perception is totally different. We strive to connect with kindred spirits, to associate with those who share our view, and to find ways to make the world a better place. We abhor all that trashes the human spirit and renders an individual a cog in the societal clockwork.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


We strive to focus and bring into harmony all we know;
Our bodies, our mind, our soul all are molded like dough;
Aligned and in tune with the natural Cosmic order of things;
We feel the connection and the sense of Oneness it brings;
For in establishing a rapport with the Cosmos we sever the ties;
The ties to banality which has enslaved us with its lies;
The Energy emanating from the great Cosmic Source;
Is our substance, our power and our inspirational force.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Occasionally, out of the dung heap of printed matter a book rises up and shines. One of those books is: "Meditation as Medicine" by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD. The author is both a medical doctor and a practicing Yogi. Everyone has heard of the incredible feats of Yogis...being buried for days, then dug up alive, lying on nails, walking on hot coals, all with apparently no harm. The knowledge of the Yogis goes back thousands of a land where spirituality is a way of life. No rational person can dismiss out of hand the potential in this culture to aid the individual to rise above the mundane and achieve a higher level of consciousness. There has, however, always existed a chasm between Eastern and Western thought, especially regarding the health of the body. The East treats the human phenomenon as a unit, mind, spirit, body, soul, whereas the West breaks everything down onto segments, treating each one as if it had nothing to do with the other aspects of the human form. This causes disharmony and pain.

Khalsa describes the Chakra System, a series of 8 "Energy Centers" which are located at various points of the body, seven of which reside within the body and one serves as the "aura". This 8th Chakra is the connection to the Cosmos. It is a force field which surrounds the body and communicates with the 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra, at the top of the head. The 8 Chakras can get out of alignment, blockages can occur, and the individual experiences adverse consequences. That Western man is fragmented, alienated, frazzled and duped is hardly debatable, the question is how to go about availing ourselves of the knowledge of the East to improve our lot physically, mentally and spiritually.

The techniques described in the book are very simple to understand and implement. The goal is the align the Chakras in such a way that there is an unimpeded flow of energy from the mind and body and the Cosmos. The connection with the Cosmos is of the utmost importance, as healing can only take place when communication is maintained and the mind, body and spirit are one unit. Too many people suffer from ailments which are caused by a disruption in the Chakra System. Medical doctors in the West refuse to even concede that the Chakras exist, let alone attempt to bring them into alignment.

Many of us are looking for relief, relief from physical and mental pain...pain which doctors and mental health workers have failed miserably to address. The time has come to take matters into our own hands and treat the CAUSE not the symptom. With health insurance practically nonexistent or woefully inadequate we really don't have any choice anyway....we need to take care of ourselves because nobody in the health care system, the government, or academia gives a flying rat's ass about us. The only thing they care about is money.