Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not THIS puppy!

Why is it that the majority of people, economically, spiritually and emotionally just barely get by and have to scratch and skimp for every morsel? Why are there those few who seem to rise above the pack and achieve a measure of harmony with their environment? When a certain child in school, confronted with peer pressure to engage in behavior that is counter-productive to his development into a happy, well-adjusted individual says: "Not THIS puppy!" he breaks from the pack and establishes his own paradigm which guides him to his goal of emotional, spiritual and economic wealth. When a certain individual, confronted with adversity, looks beyond the hurdles and stumbling blocks towards the ultimate goal, he also establishes a paradigm which enables him to avoid the mistakes of others and so he is able to circle the wagons and beat off the attack. In all matters it is necessary to think ahead and prepare for the inevitable. Jobs are lost, relationships come to an end, your health can take a turn for the worse...adversity is the price we pay for being human...But to slip into bed and pull the covers over your head will not make the events in your life go away...Only by preparing in advance for the inevitable can you cope with the now...Some take the first job they can get and hang on in quiet desperation until the ax falls, then they panic..The astute individual, knowing that just as an architect plans ahead and doesn't just slap together some boards to build a house, so, too, the individual must plan ahead for his means of support...we can't all be doctors, we all have our limitations, so we need to do our research and determine what activity best matches our proclivities and skills and seek to garner those resources which will enable us to find just the right job...In the meantime, we need to acknowledge the economic facts glaring at us and take that action required...If that means working at McDonalds or selling on Ebay, hey! money doesn't have McDonalds written on it...main thing is we don't whine and moan and beat ourselves up...Too many beat themselves up.....but a few say: "Not THIS puppy!".