Friday, June 30, 2006

Sometimes we wonder what it's all about...Sometimes we question our place in the Cosmos....This is natural because the human mind is programmed to take periodic reality checks. If we do something repetitively for long periods it becomes rote. The human mind loves innovation and abhors rote, so when the mind perceives rote it snaps into reality-checking mode. Jobs, relationships, interests, everything is subject to scrutiny and change. The only constant is the Cosmos itself...the eternal Cosmos, The One, The Source, The Mother of everything that ever was or ever will be. The human mind is imbued with a natural affinity towards the stars...Since time immemorial humans have known that the actions of mortal man on Earth is but a tiny fraction of all there is, so he has always gazed furtively at the stars for guidance...The notions of life, death, time and space seem to be very hard for the human mind to grasp...Our 75 year life span is a mere blip in Cosmic time, an infinitessimal interval..... civilization itself is a mere tick in the tick-tock of Cosmic time....Yet we dwell on the details of this tiny time frame and act as if it will last forever. It won't, but the Cosmos will last forever, and we are integral parts of the Cosmos, therefore, we, ourselves will last forever.
Many ask whether we come back after our 75 year soujourn in another form. Well, you just have to glance around to see that every second billions of life forms are coming into existence as we speak. The Cosmos brings forth life. Nature recycles. What real significance does the term "death" have? Sure, things die, and things are born, they come and they go, even stars and planets. But the same forces that produced the stars and planets of today will still be at work when stars super-nova and cast off their elements into space...New stars are always formed, new planets, new life. So death would only be a transition between periods, whether it's the death of a star or a carbon-based living organism. It would appear that our 75 year life span is some sort of opportunity to learn something, to evolve and develop, to somehow come to some kind of understanding of the workings of the Cosmos and establish some sort of rapport with the Cosmos, to connect, mind and soul, to the forces which govern the essence of the Cosmos.
Perhaps through meditation and introspection we can energize the spark which connects us to Eternity and awaken from our mundane slumber...Awaken from the trance which has been surrepticiously imposed on us by banal society. As people fall away from the grip of the False Gods of money, war, commercialism, fashion, trends, consumerism, etc, they serve as beacons for others, and the snowball effect sets in....Progressive, awakened peoples are making the connection with the Cosmos and connecting with eachother..As the movement grows each day it becomes more intense and energized...Cosmic Consciousness takes shape...Those mired in the abyss of banality become more and more alienated and cut off from the Mainstream and The Awakened Ones fortify their sense of purpose....Life is good!!!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

UP Ahead
The stars shine with a brilliance of finely polished gold;
They represent all that we desire but cannot hold;
For they shine for purposes beyond our might;
But nevertheless remain right there in plain sight;
Reminding us of our own place in the Cosmic realm;
Aboard the Ship of Life, but we are not at the helm;
We are but passengers on a journey to a wondrous place;
Where we no longer worry about the wrinkles on our face;
A place of joy and a place of everlasting, glorious bliss;
With such an image in mind, what could we possibly miss?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our preoccupation with mundane trivialities obscurs our view of what's really happening. After decades of working a job it gets to the point that it's all there is. Life is not a job. Life is not a relationship. These are simply things that intertwine themselves into life, not life itself. Life is that which animates the universe. Life is the living Cosmos. We are all integral parts of a living Cosmos, constantly changing form, perpetually making new discoveries.

What is it that determines what we do? Do we tell our brain what to do, or does our brain tell US what to do? Sometimes we say: "I'm bored!"...What does that mean? Does that mean we're waiting for our brain to tell us what to do, or does it mean we don't know what to tell our brain to do? Why do we dream? We are confronted with a myriad of "Gurus" who tell us this is the way, we should do this, and not that, only THIS path leads to salvation, THAT path leads to destruction. Each one contradicts the other, no concensus exists, its every man for himself in a frenzied free-for-all where everything is helter-skelter.

Is it any wonder that so much neuroticism abounds, so much violence, so much despair? Society has sunk to a level of complete chaos, in a spiritual sense. Is there something that represents a departure from all this nonesense? Is there a lifestyle which incorporates the fundamental ingredients of a logical approach at understanding the universe and our place in it?

Establishing a rapport with the Cosmos, transcending banality, cleansing the self of detrimental influences and evolving into that Being which represents the culmination of the ascendance of the human spirit, that is the goal of the person seeking tranquility, equanimity and Cosmic Consciousness.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Wall of Tears................................................................................. Le Mur des Lamentations..................................................................... Die Traenenmauer................................................................................ El Muro de Lagrimas............................................................................

This is a place to complain, to tell the world what's laying heavy on your heart, whats eating you, what's preventing you from being happy.

Ici on peut écrire les lamentations du coeur, ça qui cause l'inquiétude, ça qui empeche qu'on soit heureux.

Hier kann man sich beschweren, die Sorgen des Herzens hinschreiben, dass, was dir verhindert, gluecklich zu sein.

Aqui se puede lamentarse, escribir lo que causa la desdicha, lo que puede impedir la felicidad.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oftentimes we come to a point in our life where we pause and take stock of what our life consists of....Usually this will be at some ominous juncture, like a divorce, losing a job, becoming ill, finding ourselves homeless or in jail....But it may also occur out of the blue for no apparent reason. We get caught up in the treadmill of the workaday world and become like hamsters, going around our little wheel, not getting anywhere, oblivious and numb. That point of reflection is a wake-up call. It enables us to step back and observe what is actually taking place.
It's a new ball game. Everything must be reevaluated and put in perspective. What was the normal course of events becomes false and no longer feasible. We make a new plan. Some things are universal, they never need to be updated or changed. Spouses, jobs, domiciles, interests come and go, but The Cosmos remains the same. The same galaxies, planets, stars are still in place as before. Cosmic Consciousness continues unabated. The pursuit of the noble, the forthright, the sublime perseveres.
It is in the realm of the eternal, unchangeable Cosmos that we find substance, and establishing a rapport with the Cosmos enables us to relinquish our deathgrip on banality and ascend to a higher level of consciousness, a place where we no longer see, but observe, no longer hear, but listen, no longer exist but LIVE.