Thursday, June 15, 2006

UP Ahead
The stars shine with a brilliance of finely polished gold;
They represent all that we desire but cannot hold;
For they shine for purposes beyond our might;
But nevertheless remain right there in plain sight;
Reminding us of our own place in the Cosmic realm;
Aboard the Ship of Life, but we are not at the helm;
We are but passengers on a journey to a wondrous place;
Where we no longer worry about the wrinkles on our face;
A place of joy and a place of everlasting, glorious bliss;
With such an image in mind, what could we possibly miss?

1 comment:

Viviana Álvarez said...

Son las estrellas las que nos elevan sobre las miserias de este mundo. Su brillo, su parpadeo nos hacen recordar que existen otros mundos, otras dimensiones donde es posible ser. Bellísimo tu poema.