Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our preoccupation with mundane trivialities obscurs our view of what's really happening. After decades of working a job it gets to the point that it's all there is. Life is not a job. Life is not a relationship. These are simply things that intertwine themselves into life, not life itself. Life is that which animates the universe. Life is the living Cosmos. We are all integral parts of a living Cosmos, constantly changing form, perpetually making new discoveries.

What is it that determines what we do? Do we tell our brain what to do, or does our brain tell US what to do? Sometimes we say: "I'm bored!"...What does that mean? Does that mean we're waiting for our brain to tell us what to do, or does it mean we don't know what to tell our brain to do? Why do we dream? We are confronted with a myriad of "Gurus" who tell us this is the way, we should do this, and not that, only THIS path leads to salvation, THAT path leads to destruction. Each one contradicts the other, no concensus exists, its every man for himself in a frenzied free-for-all where everything is helter-skelter.

Is it any wonder that so much neuroticism abounds, so much violence, so much despair? Society has sunk to a level of complete chaos, in a spiritual sense. Is there something that represents a departure from all this nonesense? Is there a lifestyle which incorporates the fundamental ingredients of a logical approach at understanding the universe and our place in it?

Establishing a rapport with the Cosmos, transcending banality, cleansing the self of detrimental influences and evolving into that Being which represents the culmination of the ascendance of the human spirit, that is the goal of the person seeking tranquility, equanimity and Cosmic Consciousness.

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