Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oftentimes we come to a point in our life where we pause and take stock of what our life consists of....Usually this will be at some ominous juncture, like a divorce, losing a job, becoming ill, finding ourselves homeless or in jail....But it may also occur out of the blue for no apparent reason. We get caught up in the treadmill of the workaday world and become like hamsters, going around our little wheel, not getting anywhere, oblivious and numb. That point of reflection is a wake-up call. It enables us to step back and observe what is actually taking place.
It's a new ball game. Everything must be reevaluated and put in perspective. What was the normal course of events becomes false and no longer feasible. We make a new plan. Some things are universal, they never need to be updated or changed. Spouses, jobs, domiciles, interests come and go, but The Cosmos remains the same. The same galaxies, planets, stars are still in place as before. Cosmic Consciousness continues unabated. The pursuit of the noble, the forthright, the sublime perseveres.
It is in the realm of the eternal, unchangeable Cosmos that we find substance, and establishing a rapport with the Cosmos enables us to relinquish our deathgrip on banality and ascend to a higher level of consciousness, a place where we no longer see, but observe, no longer hear, but listen, no longer exist but LIVE.


Viviana Álvarez said...

Gracias por tu comentario en mi blog, el tuyo, además de hermosas imágenes, me deja pensando.

Awakened1 said...

hey Dennis!