Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Thoughts emanate from somewhere....sure, they manifest themselves in the brain, but is the brain their source, that is the question....what if there exists Universal Thought, a sort of Cosmic CPU, and the brain functions as a modem? That would explain the fact that when writers are asked where the ideas come from for a book, they say they dont have the foggiest notion..It would also explain how some people exhibit extra-sensory perception and claire voyance..Could it be that the brain could be developed in such a way as to receive information from The Source in a more proficient fashion, to tap into the vast unknown data bank of the Cosmos? Is it possible to establish a rapport with the Cosmos, develope lines of communication, align the neurons, dendrites and synopses of the brain in such a way as to facilitate the energy which flows throughout the Cosmos to be utilized? That there exists no intelligence outside the earth is an assumption which has no basis in fact. Indeed, the sheer vastness of the universe bodes ill for the warm and fuzzy feeling that the earth is the only beacon of intelligence...coupled with the history of mankind...a history of wars, inhumanity, slavery and poverty...invokes a premonition that perhaps there is something up there which represents the source of intelligence and knowledge. The individual who realizes that the mundane world of malls, sitcoms and commercialized media does not enable him to develope his full potential is in a position to redirect his energies in the right direction and begin the process of achieving Cosmic Awareness...that level of consciousness which produces clarity of mind and non-attachment to ephemeral phenomena.
On a distant bright light we fix our focused gaze;
As we navigate through the mist, fog and haze;
Our hearts ablaze with a fervent, blissful glow;
Flushed with victory after vanquishing our foe;
Through sheer force of unshakable, mighty will;
We have broken our shakles and ascended the hill;
No longer at the mercy of liars, thieves and scum;
No longer weary, confused, bewildered and numb;
We have found The Source which guides our way;
And we look forward to a glorious New Day!


Awakened1 said...

Nice blog....I enjoyed it very much, good to see this is the mind matirx....

Peace and Light

Anonymous said...

knoweth not where thoughts come from, but wanting to judge self and other by these unknown mind patterns is to act out of ignorance.