Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The individual is faced with a barrage of difficulties, concerns, aspirations and dreams...In order to deal with them effectively, the first prerequisite is a mindset rooted in equanimity, compassion, humanity and a sense that The Cosmos is in balance and that harmony exists between all living beings and celestial phenomena. In order to achieve such a mindset it is imperative that the individual develop the ability to discern that which is noble and eternal from that which is mundane and ephemeral. It is necessary to engage in activities which maintain the body and mind in a healthy state...but it is not necessary to allow the mundane aspects of life to become blown out of proportion...Yes, we must earn a living, pay bills, etc, etc, but we are first and foremost spiritual beings, and, within our 85 year window of mortality, we need to establish a rapport with The Cosmos and evolve into a spiritual being, because soon that will be the only thing that matters...We need to avail ourselves of our 85 year window to delve into all the natural phenomena and intuitive insight we are endowed with to forge a bridge between our mortal bodies and our eternal spirit. We are indeed extremely lucky and blessed to have made it all the way up the evolutionary ladder to humans, the final step to Eternity...

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Chad B. said...

But how many have forgotten this blessing. It may be a final step, for some of us, as we seem to be born with innate abilities that are unlearnable.

Its possible that the mass of us must do some sort of mundane work to allow a small number to explore pure spiritual experience, as keeping both sets if information in mind seems to be conflicting.

But there is always value in helping others, though I find it selfish for I learn from the helping as I go along.