Monday, February 21, 2011

Will American men in uniform fire on peaceable American demonstrators?

All over the world people are saying they've had enough....enough of the oppressive cancer of the central banks and international conglomerates which have impoverished the world and seized all wealth into their hands...In Libya, the people rose up just like they did in Tunisia, Egypt and most other Arab countries...The people were victorious in Tunisia and Egypt and the despots were forced to flee...Gaddafi in Libya, however, ordered the army to fire on unarmed protesters, killing many...Many men in uniform refused to kill their fellow countrymen and began flying jets to other countries to ask for asylum rather than commit murder at the behest o a tyrant...The staff of all foreign embassies resigned and many soldiers and police switched over to the protester's side...This is true rebellion...The question is, when we march on Washington to bring down our own tyrants, will our fellow Americans fire on us or will they do like the Libyans and refuse?...

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