Tuesday, April 05, 2011


In football games they're always looking at the clock to see how much time is left. Sometimes a "hail Mary" pass can turn a losing game to a winning one with seconds to go. Life is like a football game in that there is always a clock that is ticking and what we do before the final economic bell rings may determine whether we survive or perish. Things have been transpiring at a dizzy pace and many believe that we have but precious little time to get our preparations completed before the bell tolls. The Federal Reserve has been busy printing trillions of dollars, rendering the dollar a fraction of what it was. The price of food, gasoline, etc has been going up prodigiously...inflation will soon impoverish the vast majority of Americans and if they have not prepared they will be in a precarious position when time runs out.

The prudent individual will see the handwriting on the wall and not wait until the last horse has left before he closes the barn door. If you live in the city you need to get out. It's nice to philosophize and muse about the benefits of urban life, proximity to concerts, caf├ęs, sports, etc, but in reality the city is the last place you want to be when there are desperate people out on the streets. When you don't give people jobs you take away their self respect and turn them into angry mobs who will rape, maim and kill.

We are headed for a feudal society, with people gathered in fortified communities on the land. Europe lived under feudalism for centuries. You need to get yourself a piece of property away from cities; store food, water and guns and when the time is ripe, forge a community with your neighbors. The fate of cities is almost too gruesome to contemplate once the stuff hits the fan and all economic hell breaks out. Out in the country food can be grown and livestock raised. Wells can be dug and horses used for transportation (The Amish were right all along).

The mainstream media is criminal in its silence concerning the coming economic collapse. Daily they bombard their hapless audience with the most blatant lies that even they can't possibly believe. Despite the dismal statistics they hash out their propaganda while millions of people act as if everything is normal and they are told doomsayers are conspiracy theorists. But the internet is not controlled yet by the elite and truth is still to be found. Thank God for this medium that we have to communicate our views and learn the truth. The coming event will try the will of the most hardened survivalist...may we succeed in our endeavor to survive and may God have mercy on our souls.

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