Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In the ominous and frightening times in which we find ourselves, thinking for yourself has become a means of self preservation. Few are those who still listen to the dinosaur mainstream media or the entrenched bankers and politicians. The web has exploded with truth seekers and revolutionaries who speak of cold hard facts and not hype or spin. Society is poised at the precipice and only a concerted effort by true patriots of Thomas Jefferson caliber can topple the criminals who have taken over our once free Republic and turned it into a draconian hell hole of police brutality, home grabbing, insane laws and a complete raping and pillaging of the people. Yes, think for yourself and reject the two party system, fractional reserve banking and barbarous wars against a billion Muslims. We need to take our country back and HANG those who have so ruthlessly enslaved and impoverished us!!!

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