Monday, December 26, 2011

What started with Bush saying: "The Constitution is just a G****** piece of paper!" to Obama stating that the Constitution is an "imperfect document", has morphed into a tyrannical state beyond even Pol Pot, Stalin or Hitler. Americans have been reduced to debt slaves and cannon fodder. Our freedom and liberties have been taken from us and we can be shot on sight at the whim of some federal agent. We all know this, and we are sick to our stomach of the tyranny we live under. We live among traitors and cowards, however, who are incapable of appreciating the real danger we face. As a minority within the population which is still hypnotized by bread and circuses, we are vulnerable to the apparatus which watches and listens to our every word. We can be picked off one by one because we are out in the open and we don't hide like cowards in the shadows. We need, therefore, to endeavor to reach out to the population with the truth so as to bring about a groundswell. We are many, the Rothschild bankers and corrupt politicians are few. We need to be beacons to the people and we need to set examples of how dire our situation really is. We need to continue to bring truth to the sleeping masses until such time as the majority wakes up and then we might have a chance of defeating this enemy who have ensconced themselves in our midst. May God intervene on our behalf and may we again enjoy the freedom and liberty that our forefathers fought and died to preserve for us!

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