Monday, June 20, 2011

Aging is a process whereby the body gradually slows down and weakens. At a certain point an individual is no longer able to do what he was once able to do when he was young. Because of this fact nations around the world have introduced retirement programs. Social Security was implemented to provide older Americans with the sustenance they need to survive when they are less physically able to work. Money is deducted from their hard-earned pay every pay period and put aside for them until they retire. If person is lazy and won't work, no money is put aside and he receives no money upon retiring. The only money people get is the money they worked 45 years to be entitled to. The purpose of government is to represent the people and ensure that all members of the society have the wherewithal to face the rigors of life and enjoy a standard of living that enables them to live a healthful and productive life. When a government decides to abandon the wishes of the majority and follow the dictates of a tiny minority and engage in constant Rothschild Zionist wars of aggression against Islamic peoples with whom we have no historical quarrel, costing trillions of dollars and decimating the treasury of the United States, it is time to take pause and reconsider our priorities. Do we take the money put aside for seniors to live on and use it to kill Islamic people or do we PUT A STOP TO THIS MADNESS NOW??!!!

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