Thursday, June 02, 2011

Day by day America is degenerating into the most despotic police state that ever existed. The Founding Fathers called for revolution for FAR LESS!!!! Government on every level has become draconian and tyrannical. When goons body slam people for dancing, when people are given the choice of tearing their house down or going to jail for 7 years, when little girls are fined hundreds of dollars for having a lemonade stand, when a church is fined thousands of dollars for trimming its Crepe Myrtles, when people can't freely travel without some pot-bellied former Walmart employee sticking his hand down their pants, then you know that government has overstepped its bounds and has become the enemy. May God have mercy on our souls to give us strength to defeat these tyrants who have taken over our once free Republic. Only by uniting as a free and proud people can we restore the Republic and cast off these parasites that have fastened themselves to us, sucking our lifeblood away. LONG LIVE FREEDOM IN AMERICA!

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