Monday, July 04, 2011


Hasn't been any liberty and justice for all lately.....hasn't been a Republic either. Let's just call it what it is: A dictatorship of Rothschild Zionist banks employing the minions of "law enforcement" who have sold their souls for 8 pieces of silver. When people dare get together and exercise their First Amendment Rights these goons come in on horseback, sick dogs on them, beat them with batons, tase and mace them. These black-shirted goons are treasonous cowards who do not hold the trust and respect of the population, therefore they are enemies of people. But cracks in the ranks are forming and many former goons are going over to the side of the people. When the tide shifts and they become the majority it's all over for the Rothschild Zionists and America will once again be a free and proud nation.

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