Friday, March 11, 2011

Surviving the coming economic collapse and societal breakdown

It has become obvious to anyone who has made even a cursory inquiry into the matter that the current state of affairs in the United States is untenable. When 400 people own more wealth than half the entire country, and are grabbing the rest from the other half, it can only be called tyranny. The real unemployment rate is 25%, the homeless population is approaching a third world level, crime is escalating to anarchy levels, The Federal Reserve is printing money so profusely that inflation will soon make the dollar worthless, goon squads are dragging teachers from State Houses for exercising their First Amendment Rights, pundits are yelling for the abolishment of Social Security, in general, life in the United States is becoming intolerable and a collapse is inevitable.

Of course we survivalists have known this for some time and have been making preparations. We have chosen the place to make our last stand, we have put back water, food, guns and ammo, medical supplies, livestock and garden supplies. We have chosen a geographical location that affords us the best chance of survival and we have studied the terrain. We have steeled our intellect with the fortitude necessary to overcome adversity and to marshal the resources required to face the new feudal world that we will be confronted with. Those who have squandered their time and resources will be broadsided by the events unfolding, and will be in no position to cope with the new reality. There will be no CNN or Fox News to tell them what to do. Supermarket shelves will be cleared in hours, gas stations will be out of gas, utilities will be cut off and chaos will reign.

In light of the foregoing, let’s examine our options. We can go it alone, Rambo style, or forge relationships with our neighbors and form a community. By awakening to the New Reality, we have already become “Rambos”, but to exercise the second option, we need to wait until the time is ripe. At present, many of our neighbors are totally oblivious to the impending calamity and would not make good allies and might even turn us over to the FBI as conspiracy theorists. Once the collapse hits, however, our neighbors will be bewildered and will welcome our counsel. Like it or not, we SHTF survivalists will be the leaders of our communities because we have prepared and we have put back extra for the sheeple who have squandered their time and resources. We will have food to share and guns to distribute. We will have a water source and a knowledge of the terrain. Therefore it is incumbent on us to hone our leadership skills.


In order to prepare ourselves for our role as community leaders, we need to study history and learn from the past because history repeats itself. In feudal Europe and Japan, people gravitated into communities and became self-sufficient. A perimeter was set up around the castle and people grew their crops and tended their livestock and they could be let into the castle and the drawbridge closed in the event of attack. Everyone had his task to do and sufficient water and food was stored in case of an emergency. There was no IRS, no goon squads stomping people, no homeless and no unemployment. This way of life lasted centuries. There was chivalry, respect and loyalty towards the community.

Life in America after the collapse will be similar to the way it was in the 1800’s: rugged individualists surviving on the land as best they can, not expecting assistance from any arrogant, far away federal government, nor any draconian laws telling them what they must do or be sent to prison. They had the Bill of Rights to protect them. Life was harsh, to be sure, and many people died from all sorts of causes. But the ones who survived had hope that things would get better. We can look forward to hope. There is no hope in the current state of affairs in the United States, it looks very bleak and only the most cockeyed optimist could think that somehow things could be patched up and everything will be just fine.

To be more specific as to what steps we must take to prepare ourselves for the coming event, let’s examine the biological needs of a human. First and foremost is oxygen, because we can’t live for more than 5 minutes without it. For the affluent preppers, an underground bunker with an air filtration system would be ideal. For the less affluent among us, gas masks and face filters would be a prudent addition to our stores. Second is water, we can’t live more than three days without it. The ideal situation would be a well close to your main shelter, with either a hand pump or a bucket and pulley because electricity will be out. Even if you have generators or solar panels it’s a good idea to have the option of converting to a manual system as a precaution. Whether you have a well or not, however, everyone needs to store as many gallons of water as they have containers. You can’t have too much water.


Once you have stored enough water, food is next. Canned goods, dry foods, flour, corn meal, dried beans, dried beef, etc should be put in air tight containers and stored in a secured location. You need at least a years supply. Medical supplies are next, put away things like aspirin, bandages, iodine, etc. If you need prescriptions, try to hoard as much as possible. In order to protect all these items that you have so carefully put away over the years, you will need weapons. A 12 guage shotgun is the king of home defense weapons. A good 9mm pistol would be great. Store as many weapons as you can afford because you may have to hand some out to those who did not prepare in the community. You should also have less lethal weapons, such as pellet guns, slingshots, billy clubs and knives.

Every community must have a copy of the Constitution, because it will be the basis of the conduct of those within the community, as well as for relations with other communities. When law and order is restored it will once again be the thing that holds society together. Since there will be no electronic communication, we should all start storing printed copies of everything we need to survive, how to manuals, textbooks, etc. We won’t be able to Google anything, so a stocked bookcase will be a lifesaver.

We are all going to have to become farmers again. Even if you now live in the city, more than likely you will have to bug out one day and then you will be called upon to use your skills to survive off the land. We need to learn how to raise chickens, goats, pigs, cattle, etc. We need to learn how to raise crops and gather edible things from the woods. Acorns, for example, are edible. Even the inner bark of trees is edible. We will need to sharpen our hunting skills once again. A deer will provide food for a whole community, and small game can be used in soups and stews. The main thing that we need to concentrate on is acquiring a mindset of survival.


Our spiritual nature will be put to the test when the stuff hits the fan. Even though we have prepared for the coming collapse, deep down we hope it won’t happen and we will be still devastated when it does. We need to prepare our wills and souls for the collapse as well as our shelters and stores. Whatever God you believe in or don’t believe in, one thing is sure: The Cosmos brought us forth, and it doesn’t make any logical sense that it would produce such exquisite creatures as ourselves only to be snuffed out as if we never existed. We will continue on no matter what happens. In the meantime, we need to exhibit a congenial, compassionate exterior to the world which will serve us in good stead when things get dicey. Others will see and hear that we are to be trusted, and that an alliance with us will be beneficial. It is much better to have an ally than an enemy, so cultivate those qualities which will set you apart from the many untrustworthy scumbags which always come out of the woodwork during an emergency.

So we say goodbye to CNN, McDonalds, Wallmart, cars, etc and say hello to hard work, diligence, community spirit and a renewed sense of humanness. We have a lot to do and time is short. May you find the will and the stamina required to persevere and thrive in the New Reality. May you find solace in the fact that you are not alone and all of us are with you in spirit. WE WILL SURVIVE!!!!!

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