Sunday, March 06, 2011

Social Security Is Middle-Class Welfare - Newsweek

My response:

It is typical of what our country has become that a privileged individual, who doesn't have to worry about surviving the rigors of old age himself, will castigate 40 million people who worked 40 or 50 years for their Social Security and call them welfare recipients who are bleeding the system dry. This same individual would recoil in horror if it were suggested that we end welfare payments to Israel, or that we question the enormous amounts spent on wars fought against Islamic peoples at the behest of Zionists in Israel and the US. The very thought of casting 40 million elderly people out on the street to die while sending huge sums to Zionist Israel is so revolting as to be Kafkaesque. That a Robert J. Samuelson of Newsweek can utter such grave insults against people who have served their country in combat and worked long and hard for a few dollars a month to sustain them in their twilight years is indicative of the total breakdown of society which will lead to the people rising up as they did innumerable times in history.

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