Thursday, March 10, 2011


The spectacle of goon squads dragging little old ladies out of the State House in Wisconsin by their hair for no reason other than exercising their First Amendment Rights has brought to light the lengths that the corrupt, fascist, dictatorial governor of Wisconsin will go to trample the Bill of Rights and the freedom and liberty of the people of Wisconsin. The people didn't cause this financial mess, the elite bankers did, and it should be THEY who pay the piper instead of being bailed out and given huge bonuses. What has this country come to? The goons feel like big strong men dragging helpless women because they're unarmed...but that situation may change. Kennedy said: "When peaceful revolution is made impossible, it will result in violent revolution". When the people finally rise up the goons wont have enough bullets to kill them all and it will be THEM who are dragged out by their small penises.

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